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St. Mary's Catholic Church, Vacaville, CA - Traditional Latin Mass_ Info Page

St. Mary's Traditional Latin Mass
(Diocesan Indult- USUS ANTIQUIOR)

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About this Blogspot:

This blogspot contains information on the Traditional Latin Mass at St. Mary's Catholic Church in Vacaville, CA.  The blog is maintained by parishioners of St. Mary's Latin Mass, a laity managed site.  The blog offers ways to enrich your spiritual life (Marian Franciscan Minor or MFM Third Order; and the TLM Men's Group) and support the Traditional Latin Mass at St. Mary's.  **Neither this blog nor related website maintained by ALMS should be construed as an official parish communications platform (***see disclaimer at end of this blog).

In addition, we provide links for Latin Mass information and Marian Franciscans Minor Third Order (MFM) information. 

For more information about the Traditional Latin Mass in Vacaville, please visit our main website at   or more information below at Sections V. thru VI.


I.   Seasonal Announcements

II.   TLM Finders

III.   Other Items: Traditional Latin Mass Support Groups & Resources

IV.   Third Order Marian Franciscans Minor Information

V.   Parish Projects (local):  other topics e.g. Liturgical Calendars; Analysis of Devotions (Divine Will)

VI.   The "Liturgical Season" 

VII.   Why the Traditional Latin Mass? (Videos to share)

VIII.   Videos on Papal Documents, Obedience and "the Jewish Question"

IX.   Books (and prayers: Traditional Divine Office)

X.   St. Mary's TLM Men's Group Information

XI.   Our TLM Book Club (our meeting reading material)

XII.   Join Us>>>>SUBSCRIBE  (at the webpage St. Mary's TLM - Vacaville, CA - Subscribe (

Information on TLM Men's Group is located in Section X below.

Information on Third Order Franciscan Seculars is located in Section IV below.  

Location: St. Mary's Catholic Church, 330 Stinson Avenue, Vacaville, CA 95688 

 Directions to St. Mary's in the City of Vacaville, CA: from Highway 80, Davis Street turnoff:

Mass Schedule: Low Mass Sundays at 2pm

Pastor: Fr. Brian Soliven             

High Mass Schedule: Missa-Cantata (Sung Mass): 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month, with Potluck fellowship after Mass in Parish Hall.  New parishioners and Choir singer's welcome: sign-ups, ask for Cindy M. after Mass.

Downloadable copy of this Sunday's Propers:  Note: In the Extraordinary Form, the Feast of the Kingship of Our Lord Jesus Christ is always observed on the last Sunday in October and supersedes the Mass of the season which would otherwise be offered on that Sunday.  The Propers for this Feast can be found on the Feasts and Commemorations page.

Sunday Propers for this Sunday: St. Mary's TLM - Vacaville, CA - Today's Propers (

-"Selected Hymn" for Low Mass Recessional this Sunday: will be posted on the Hymnal Board on the altar.   

I.   Seasonal Announcements

(LENT & HOLY WEEK 2024):


a) St. Joan of Arc, Yountville CA  St Joan Of Arc Catholic Church Mass Times - Yountville, California (

b) St. Margaret Mary, Oakland for the "ANCIENT LITURGY" FOR GOOD FRIDAY, HOLY WEEK...can be found at St. Margaret Mary (IKSP).  Bulletins (

Note: Need a ride to Oakland on Good Friday?

c) St. Stephens, the First Martyr, Sacramento St. Stephens - Mass Times


More on the subject...Solemnity, Feast, or Memorial? How to Tell the Difference - Epic Pew

Adoration at St. Mary's Vacaville, CA: Monday through Friday 3-6:15pm

Confession/Reconciliation at St. Mary's Vacaville, CA: Tuesday 5:30-6:15pm; Saturday 3:30-4:45pm or by appt. 707-448-2390 

II.   TLM Finders (click below)

-Nearby Masses - (located in the greater Sacramento, SF Bay Area & East Bay)


-St. Joan of Arc Catholic Church | Yountville CA | Facebook

Institute of Christ The King Sovereign Priest | St Margaret Mary (

-Latin Mass Near Me — Mass of the Ages

-Latin Mass Directory – A Catholic directory of approved traditional Latin Masses

-Discover Mass | Bulletins, Directions, and More

-Arlington Latin Mass Society - About ( | Traditional Latin Mass (TLM)  

-Reverent Catholic Mass 

III.   Other Items: Traditional Latin Mass Support Groups & Resources

- a great group focused on the preservation of the Latin Mass

-The Latin Mass Magazine: The Journal of Catholic Culture and Tradition - Welcome!

-Traditional Catholic Audio Producer | Keep the Faith

-Vestments | Via Providence | Liturgical

-Nuns and Religious Professions ~ Liturgical Arts Journal

-New Liturgical Movement: Announcing a New Traditional Women's Religious Order: Filiae Laboris Mariae

-Sacred Music | St. Vitus - FSSP LA

IV.   Third Order Marian Franciscans Minor Information:

In the Catholic Church, a religious order is a community of consecrated life with members that profess solemn vows. They are classed as a type of religious institute. Subcategories of religious orders are: canons regular (canons and canonesses regular who recite the Divine Office and serve a church and … See more

Do you have a calling for a richer Catholic Faith?  Do you have a Franciscan charism? What is a Franciscan Charism? The Franciscans: A Closer Look at Their Charism ( ; THE FRANCISCAN CHARISM (

More on the "Marian Friars Minor- Third Order": (video at the end of the MFM Third Order web page is very informative by Friar Anthony, click below on Third Order MFM). 

Third Order | Marian Friars Minor

Other guidelines:

-Pope Benedict XV encyclical: Sacra Propediem

Guidelines, Forms & Other Resources – Secular Franciscan Order – USA (

-MFM miscellaneous: 3/23/24 email "NOVENA for Impossible Requests">>>

Dear Tertiaries & Associates,

One of our Sisters of the Third Order has put together a flyer for the 9-Month "Novena for Impossible Requests", and their Local Chapter is inviting all of our Tertiaries to join them in praying this Novena for the intentions of the community of the Marian Friars Minor; as well as joining them in offering your Daily Masses, Rosaries, and weekly hours of Eucharistic Adoration.

God Bless you, very blessed Passion tide!
In Corde Matris,
Marian Friars Minor

- How do we insure our Salvation? Are you going to heaven? 


V.   Parish Projects (local):  other topics e.g. Liturgical Calendars; Analysis of "certain" Devotions (e.g. Divine Will):

-St. Mary's Latin Choir: soprano, alto, tenor and bass voices needed.  Choir practice every Sunday at 12:00 Noon at Parish Hall, Room 7....all ages and all experience levels welcome. Our focus is Latin chant and polyphonic Catholic hymns appropriate for the traditional sung Missa-Cantata Latin Mass. 

-Gregorian Chant resources:The Gregorio project

-Git Hub for "whole liturgical year" (mostly Vespers) resources: Git Hub chant resources

-St. Mary's Bible Study: during Lent to Holy Week....every TUESDAY Evening 7-8pm covering the Sorrowful Mysteries.

-Projects: Special Feast Days; Processional/Liturgical Canopy; vestments and sacramentals. Donations welcome. 

-Other topics of Interest: (Miscellaneous topics & Traditional Liturgical Calendars)

-latest articles: New Liturgical Movement

...articles by New Liturgical Movement can be found here... postulate...New Liturgical Movement: Announcing a New Traditional Women's Religious Order: Filiae Laboris Mariae 

-Here are several great Traditional Liturgical Calendars: (FSSP) or Seraphim Liturgical Calendar or 

"Online" Traditional Liturgical Calendar following Rubrics of Pope St. Pius X (pre-1951)

for comparison purposes:  Novus Ordo Calendar


-Video #1: NOT FOR CHILDREN. The "Divine Will" devotion is repulsive, from the ultimate spiritual predator.

-Video #2:  DEEPLY DISTURBED: Indefensible errors in the 'Divine Will' writings.

-Video #3: What lies behind every deception? How can we tell what comes from hell? The "DW" gives a case study.

VI.   The "Liturgical Season":

-currently: HOLY WEEK 2024 and HOLY TRIDUUM: 

-Complete Triduum Chants: Chants for Holy Week per Liber Usualis

-Another Tenebrae resource from Tenebrae-booklet-pdf

-My First Experience of a Pre-1955 Holy Triduum - OnePeterFive 

-Lost by Reforms ‘48-62

-20240312: Crisis Magazine and Dr. Kwasnewski on Obedience 

-History of the Tenebrae Service: History and Symbolism of Tenebrae

Entering the Spirit of Good Friday, Q&A w/Fr. James Mawdsley 

- Excellent Article: The Catholic Meaning of the Passion and Resurrection - Catholic Stand

-Fr JM: discussion on which texts are pertinent for TLM Texts for Holy Week - Printed and Online Resources

-(excerpts from Ancient Liturgy website) resources: Pre1955 Holy Week 

-Dr. Kwasnewski on can we recover the Ancient Liturgy of Holy Week:  The Once and Future Rite

-20240331: My Easter Thoughts… Rise my heart, for the Lord is risen. And bring my soul out from the captivity of the enemy. When all seems lost, and our lives thrown to the wayside. Pain, weakness and all who suffer was lifted upon His Cross. His death was not the end but the beginning. For in His Glory, He has saved the world. Through God's wonderful mercy, He has redeemed us. -Alleluia, He has risen! Happy Easter Everyone!! 

VII.   Why the Traditional Latin Mass? (Videos to share):

a. -the Traditional Latin Mass? (Fr. James Mawdsley) Short vid on TLM

b. -do your beliefs “convict your conscience”? (Fr. David Nix) Proof of Traditional Catholicism

c. -Traditional Catholicism in 2024 by Crisis Magazine: Traditional Catholicism in 2024

d. -Mass of the Ages: Guardians of Tradition


-Restore the Ancient Liturgy: Restore the 54...

-The Reform of 1955-2005: The Reform of 1955 according to the Reformers

VIII.   Videos on Papal Documents, Obedience and "the Jewish Question"

 Analysis on "Fiducia Supplicans; Traditionis Custodis and other directives from Rome. 

-Dec. 25, 2023 African Bishop Powerful Homily Denouncing "Fiducia Supplicans"

--Dec 18, 2023: Will the Church now bless same-sex Couples? by the Catholic Thing with Fr. Gerald Murray, Pastor in Manhattan, NY and Canon Lawyer

-Dec. 25, 2023: More Bishops Condemn Francis's Evil Blessings Decree (Anthony Stine, Return to Tradition)

-Dec. 2022 "The Priestly Impasse: When Obedience Becomes a Sin" (Michael Matt with Fr. James Mawdsley)      or the entire talk...THE PRIESTLY IMPASSE: When Obedience Becomes a Sin (Remnant-TV) - Remnant TV

-A review of the book True Obedience (by Peter Kwasnewski) reviewed by Fr. J. Mawdsley WATCH: Review by Fr. James Mawdsley – True Obedience

-The Jewish Question: (Meaning of Catholic Timothy Flanders interviews Fr James Mawdsley)The Jewish Question Land Mines

Vatican documents_Encyclicals

IX.   Books (and prayers: Traditional Divine Office):

-2021 book: "True Obedience in the Church": by Peter Kwasniewski

-"Essential Latin Vocabulary" by Mark A.E. Williams ....on 1,425 most common words occuring in actual writings of over 200 Latin authors. :-)  Yes, you guessed it, I love Latin!! "LIBERA NOS QUAESAMUS DOMINE" 🙏🙏🙏


Divinum Officium (Divine Office)

-Aeternae rerum conditor:


X.   St. Mary's TLM Men's Group Information

- meets every TUESDAY at 10-12 am at Journey's- 5350 One Lake Drive, Fairfield, CA. 

(note: Agenda stays the same, the Minutes aka Next Steps will be posted on Signal and discussed the next day at the meeting

Agenda & Minutes 20240409_protected


Do you live in Solano/Napa/Yolo County area and want to join a Men's Group steeped in the Catholic Faith or maybe you want to know more about the Third Order of St. Francis of Assisi?  A few of our men are discerning becoming MFM aka Marian Friars Minor. But is certainly not a requirement.  Contact us at the TLM Men's Group (email: or just show up to our Meeting on Tuesdays.   

-Our projects: 

Devotions: Holy Face of Jesus -Author Interview: The Secret of the Holy Face with Fr. Lawrence Carney 

-St. Martin of Tours (Father of St. Therese of Lisieux) the Martinians

The Teresian Way: The Teresian Way : Discalced Carmelite Nuns of Sacramento (


XI.   Our TLM Book Club (our meeting reading material) (book recommendations are covered at our Wednesdays Men's TLM Coffee Socials, join us here>>   map to Journey One Lake 

1.  If You Believed Moses (Vol 1): The Conversion of the Jews Promised in the Old Testament (New Old) - Kindle edition by Mawdsley, Fr James. Religion & Spirituality Kindle eBooks @ 

2. The Cross and the Beatitudes: by Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen

3. What to Do When Jesus is Hungry: by Fr. Andrew Apostoli, CFR

4. The Way of Salvation and of Perfection: by St. Alphonsus Liguouri 

5. Murder in the 33rd Degree (the Gagnon Investigation into Vatican FreeMasonry): by Fr. Charles Theodore Murr

6. Does Traditionis Custodes Pass the Juridical Rationality Test?: by Fr. Reginald-Marie Rivoire, FSVF

7: Liberalism is a Sin: by Fr. Felix Sarda Y Salvany 

XII.   Join Us>>>>"SUBSCRIBE" click here: St. Mary's TLM - Vacaville, CA receive more information about us on a regular basis, SUBSCRIBE for free to get all information about the Mass of the Ages, local news at St. Mary's Latin Mass community, the TLM Men's Group, and the Franciscan Third Order. 

-Laudetur Iesus Christus  🙏🙏🙏 

...The End for now :-) --May God Bless you on your Catholic Faith Journey, and constantly praising Our Lord Jesus Christ, forever and ever. 🙏+++


***Disclaimer: The views expressed on this blog are solely those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the teachings of the Catholic Church. While we strive to provide accurate and faithful information regarding Catholic teachings and beliefs, this blog is not an official source of Church doctrine or dogma. Readers are encouraged to consult the Catechism of the Catholic Church or speak with a qualified clergy member for official teachings of the Catholic faith. The information provided here is for educational and informational purposes only and should not be considered as professional advice.