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St. Mary's Traditional Latin Mass (Diocesan Indult- USUS ANTIQUIOR)    save this BLOG address to your favorites:   (URL: // or RETURN TO >>>WEBSITE About this Blogspot: This blogspot contains information on the Traditional Latin Mass at St. Mary's Catholic Church in Vacaville, CA.  The blog is maintained by parishioners of St. Mary's Latin Mass,  a laity managed site.  The blog offers  ways to enrich your spiritual life (Marian Franciscan Minor or MFM Third Order; and the TLM Men's Group) and support the Traditional Latin Mass at St. Mary's.   ** Neither this blog nor related website maintained by ALMS should be construed as an official parish communications platform (***see disclaimer at end of this blog). In addition, we provide links for Latin Mass information and Marian Franciscans Minor Third Order (MFM) information.  For more information a bout the Traditional Latin Mass in Vacaville , please vi
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